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First the swine flu, and then this!?

After a few days of what I consider my twice-yearly bout with sickness, I (literally) dragged myself to the computer on Monday morning in a stupor and couldn’t believe what I saw….Gourmet, the monthly food magazine, is closing it doors after 68 years being published, cooked from, devoured and revered by home cooks and food lovers alike. Gorgeous photography, ambitious recipes and great profiles on restaurants and chefs that were on the horizon…I’m glad the bay area got some of the focus on the next to last issue. I made the Pecan Brown Butter cookies just yesterday…..sniff*..I think it will be really fun to see what the other food publications do with the room made by Gourmet’s absence. They have a great opportunity to bring new readership and maybe even snag a few great writers or photographers from the disbanding magazine. Alas, Ruth Reichl will certainly continue to be the altar at which many foodies pray, so I am excited to see what her next moves are. Back to Berkeley, Ruth? Just kidding. 



I hopefully will be over my flu-ish thing in a day or two and hope to jump back on and blow you all away with a delectable story. Take care. Wash your hands. 🙂


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