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Autumn brought ’em!

I know everyone knows exactly what I mean when I say this. Today was that first day of fall. When you feel, really acutely, the air change. The fog burned off around noon and then the wind came in, blustery and cool. The neighbor’s wind chimes were flying and the light was somewhat golder. As it is  Monday, a day of rest in our house after a long weekend of work, we opened the fridge this morning to find an explosion. Of food, that is. The Sunday Farmer’s Market in San Rafael is actually where Ryan and I both work on Sundays (and where we met…awww) but it is also when we talk to all our farming friends and trade our goods (bread and meats) for theirs (veg, fruits, eggs, etc.).  So we come home Sunday afternoons with bags bursting. Yesterday I was given some pretty, green and rosy pears from McEvoy in Petaluma, and we had a few tart apples hanging around. After cooking up a storm last night (roasted delicata squash, braised peppers with broccoli and garlic, basmati rice and chicken crepinettes from Fatted Calf), we were left staring at the pears and apples that crowded the counter this morning.  What a conundrum. Ha!

This recipe comes from Simply Recipes, a favorite food blog of mine. Thanks, Elise! I used 4 large pears and three smallish apples instead of all apples.


Apple Crisp Recipe


* 7 tart apples (or pears in any combo), peeled, cored and sliced

* 4 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

* 1/2 teaspoon vanilla

* 1 cup brown sugar

* 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

* 1 cup rolled oats

* 1/2 cup butter, room temperature


1 Preheat oven to 375°F. In a mixing bowl, combine apples, lemon juice, and vanilla. Toss to combine.

2 Layer sliced apples in a 9 x 12-inch (or approximately the same size) baking pan.


3 Combine brown sugar, cinnamon, and oatmeal in a bowl. Cut in the butter. Sprinkle sugar mixture over apples.


4 Bake 45 minutes or until topping looks crunchy and apples are tender.

Serves eight. Or two. You know how this works…

the first of many servings

the first of many servings

via Apple Crisp Recipe | Simply Recipes.


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