A few last looks

It’s been a rough week, tying up many loose ends as we prepare to relocate to Oakland. By rough, I mean emotional, bittersweet, and a little difficult for me as Petaluma has been my home during a very formative, happy, healing while. I see the excitement in new challenges and new places and I am looking forward to it. That being said, a few looks back on the lovely time I have spent in Point Reyes baking.

My commute (not bad, eh?)

Post-storm green

pastoral breaths

the bakery

first sunny day in a week

the man of the house

Right after I took this picture of the rooster (named Michael Jackson-his arrival was timely) he proceeded to jump off the gate and fly at my head which really cleared up any weepy nostalgia I was feeling right then.

We move tomorrow. I barely slept last night, and not for the usual pre-move reasons. I wasn’t trying to arrange furniture in my head, or thinking of all the bills I hadn’t transferred to the new place. I was stuck in this mental rut, obsessed with the phrase “comfort food”. I almost got out of bed (should have, really) and tried to write a little something. All that is left of the thought today is the feeling that food we describe in that way is so based in the home. We rarely think of grilling or street food in that way. It is usually cooking that warms the home, physically and emotionally. Your oven is going, or that pot of soup has simmered all day. Home is where we cook together, and once we have our first meal in our new house, I think my nostalgia may take a back seat to the current memories being formed in front of me right at that moment. That sounds comforting.

ps. Ryan has been curing a fresh ham all week, so maybe that will be our first big meal in Oakland. Mmm…


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